Ali Mohammed



People will learn everything they need to know about cholera, cholera disorder, symptoms, diagnosis, and acquisition. People will expect a nice conversation between doctor Smith and Mr. Wilson who have the disease. Some picture with background music. The conversation is about the patient talking to the doctor asking him question about the disorder.



I. Causes
A. Bacterium vibrio cholerae
B. Bacteria lives and multiplies in small intestine
C. Bacteria creates a toxin that makes the small intestine secrete fluid
II. Symptoms
A. Diarrhea
B. Vomiting
C. Leg cramps

III. Acquisition-
A. through ingestion of water contaminated with the cholera bacterium
B. usually from feces or other effluent.

IV. Diagnosis
A. Culture of stool
B. Culture of rectal swab
C. Culture of blood

V. Treatment
A. Should be immediately treated with oral rehydration solution
B. A person will live a normal life if they disease is treated

VI. Fatality rate-the fatality rate should stay below 1%.


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