Chrissy Orse

Summary: Summary, what’s going on...

In my project there are three girls who are having a picnic on a beautiful day, but then as one of the girls was passing the pie to another she starts to grab her throat thinking she just swallowed something that was stuck but no, she wasn’t breathing so they call 911. She is rushed to the hospital and gets and breathing tube and is in the hospital for 3 days. The doctors and nurses run multiple tests on her to figure out what happened and in order to cure her just gave her the things that just came to the top of their heads. Thank goodness that one of them was the botulism antitoxin. In my comic life/episode I explained symptoms, how it is caused, what happens during disease and afterwards, and some fun facts.


Outline: Botulism:

- Homemade canned vegetables
- Untreated water
- Soil
-Smoked or raw fish
- Cured pork or ham

-Will happen between 8-36 hours.
- Breathing problems.
- Weakness
- Pneumonia infection.
-No fever
- Vomiting
-Double Vision.

If get infected:
- Go to hospital and get the Botulinus antitoxin right away, if not and don’t then there can be a result in death.
- When infected then fluids infects the gastrointestinal tract and then causes adults and baby’s to not be able to swallow and breath so they need to insert breathing tube down nose or throat.

You can tell if you have this bacterium by:
- Taking a blood test.
- Don’t have a gag reflex or decrease in reflexes.
- Slur your words.
- Muscle function/feeling of loss
Or over all lose of a lot of your nervous system.